We source beans from around the world

The coffee roaster, with its roasting sounds and flavours, creates a homey, buzzy feel in the cafe. We use our coffee not only to provide Bean in Love customers with their daily fix, but also to supply retail and wholesale customers all around the country.

Our coffee products
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A taste that lingers with freshness

Specialising in the art of roasting coffee, we carefully roast beans imported from Africa, Central and South America. A variety of medium bodied, full bodied and acidic coffees are roasted in-house to perfection, providing coffee lovers with a taste that lingers with freshness.

A combination of unique roasting skills

A combination of unique roasting skills and our roaster, Has Garanti, gives us the ability to control and monitor each and every single roast.

Our Espresso coffees & single origin coffees

Espresso coffees are roasted to a dark, mahogany brown colour to ensure a sweet, rich mouth feel, with hints of hocolate and caramel. Single origin coffees are each roasted to a specific profile to bring out its unique flavour components.