Made with love, Served with love

Our menu is inspired by our clients’ diverse tastes and styles, we think of it as sweet and simple. You can choose anything from hearty breakfasts, pizzas, wraps to scrumptious cakes and treats.

Ryan Boon speciality meats can also be bought at our establishment. All beef is locally farmed and dry aged for a minimum of 40 days. All lamb is certified Karoo meat of origin free range. All pork is Oak Valley certified free range. All bacon and sausages are preservative and MSG free. The bacon is dry cured and beechwood smoked.

Supporting the healthier lifestyle trend we are passionate about well being and nutrition and therefore we promise to deliver only the best. We recently launched a salad bar. The menu changes daily and we use fresh, seasonal & low fat items. You are welcome to enjoy it in house or as a take-away, the convenient and HEALTHY choice.

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